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Your child's health and well-being are important to us. If you have a change in address, phone number or a change in your child's medical condition, please let the school know as soon as possible. Thank you! 

Our Nursing Staff

Katie Sarno High & Middle School Nurse  

Lauren Smith Elementary School Nurse  

Jenny Long  Elementary Nurse Aide 

Ashley Young High School Nurse Aide 

Krystle Greaves Middle School Nurse Aide

Allen County Public Health is monitoring the coronavirus and coordinating planning efforts across the area and so is Elida Schools.  For more information and FAQ's, please see the PDF factsheet from the Center for Disease Control or visit Continue to check back for updated information.


7th & 12th grade students have required immunizations they must receive before September 27th: 7th Grade: Tdap (Adacel or Boostrix) & Meningococcal (Menactra) & 12th Grade: Meningococcal (Menactra).

Parents can call 419-228-4457 to schedule appointments. Walk-ins available as time allows. See THIS FLYER for more information on the clinic. 


Required Immunizations for 2021-22 School Year c

7th GRADE:  In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health all incoming 7th graders are required to have the following two immunizations prior to the start of the year:

1. Tdap (Adacel or Boostrix)   &   2. Meningococcal (Menactra)

To assist parents in meeting this requirement an appointment can also be made with the Health Department either by phone or on-line. The Health Department’s phone number is 419-228-4457 and the website address is  These immunizations can also be given by your student’s physician.

12th GRADE: In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health, all incoming 12th graders are required to have the following  immunization prior to the start of the school year:

1. Meningococcal (Menactra)

These immunizations must be given prior to the start of the school year and no later than September 28, 2021 or they can be subject to exclusion from school. 

Kindergarten:  In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health all incoming kindergarten students are required to have the following  two immunizations prior to the start of the year:

1. DTap    2. Polio  3. MMR  4. Hep B  5. Varicella (chickenpox)

 Please visit the Ohio Department of Health website for more information about immunizations. 


kadMedication Forms for Next School Year

**If your child received medication this school year and will continue taking the medication next school year, please fill out a new medication form.  Medication forms at school are only valid for one school year. See attached on the right hand of the page for medication form.