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COVID Update 10/22/2020

Last Updated: 10/22/2020 7:53 PM

We have all been very diligent in our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 - extensive cleaning, wearing masks, washing hands and using sanitizer, social distancing as best we all can, etc.  We want to thank everyone for all that is being done for the safety of our students and staff.


As we continue to progress through the pandemic, we want to make sure families are prepared for things that may come up in the future regarding changes to schedules/school days.  We are not trying to fear-monger, but want everyone to make sure that plans are place in the event things have to change, and we all know that these changes may occur at a moments notice.  Scenarios that we could see moving forward, and due to the ongoing spread of the virus, include random closings by classrooms, teams, or by grade levels. 

We may also have the need to close one or more buildings at a time.  These closings may be anywhere from a day to 2 weeks at a time.  There may also come a time where we need to change to a hybrid schedule in order to make sure that students are still able to physically come to school.  In the coming days we will release more information on what a hybrid schedule could look like so that families can try prepare.  All of these decisions are made with advice from and/or directive from the local health department.

Due to the continuous rise in the community that we are seeing, we anticipate that we will not be able to hold any concerts, banquets, or other similar events in the near future.  We again know it is not ideal, but we anticipate the need to reduce gathering sizes and may ultimately be forced to do all these things remotely.

Again, we are not trying to create fear or panic, but rather trying to help make sure everyone is prepared for what is increasingly likely to happen in the coming days/weeks/months.

Joel Mengerink, Superintendent