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EHS Music Department

EHS Music Department

Elida High School was well represented at the Ohio Music Education Association District 3 Solo & Ensemble Contest Saturday, February 11th, held at St Mary’s Memorial High School.  

The following musicians received an Excellent, or Rating of 2: 

In Class C: Cara Pack- Snare Drum Solo 

In Class B: Zac Schmunk- Vocal Solo 

Ashlynn Bockey- Clarinet Solo 

Caylah Miller- Alto Saxophone Solo 

Reagan Swickrath- Trumpet Solo 

Marah Bell- Snare Drum Solo 

Emma Stauffer- Snare Drum Solo 

The following musicians received a Superior, or Rating of 1: 

In Class B: Railee Ronshausen- Vocal Solo 

Makya Anderson- Vocal Solo 

Isabella LaPointe- Vocal Solo 

Vocal Trio with Members: Catherine Myers, Makya Anderson & Leegan Troyer 

Emersyn Painter- Snare Drum Solo 

Benton Harris- Tuba Solo 

Trombone Quartet with Members: Griffin Hauenstein, Alex Dunahay, Melody Gallaspie, Carter Hanes. 

In Class A: Catherine Myers- Vocal Solo 

Chloe Parent- Euphonium Solo 

Pierce Tracy- Snare Drum Solo 

Congratulations to all of these fine musicians! Your work ethic and excellence are qualities for which we should all strive!!